Nino De Lorenzo

Textile Designer

Technical/design advisor for garments and fabrics

For over 20 years I have been researching, developing, designing and creating fabrics, directly overseeing all stages, from the choice of yarn all the way to the finishing of the fabric.

Find out how I work

Unique and custom-made fabrics

The unique fabrics I create for my customers are the fruit of my production techniques, my curiosity and my all-around approach.

I create projects for collections

My specialisation helps me work hand in hand with companies in developing projects to be added to their collections and in their samples.

Technical/design advice

I help fabric dealers to develop their own projects and new collections starting from a shared idea.

Nino De Lorenzo

An added value for your company, much more than task performer

I will be much more than a mere task performer for your company. I will actually be a critical eye and exchange ideas to help you improve your initial idea, turning it into a unique and refined project.

Every project is a "blank canvas"

In all these years of experience I have always developed unique ideas and projects, without ever having to use elements developed previously for other customers.

Uniqueness and creativity are two of my distinctive qualities that propel me to offer special solutions for every project.

What Can I do for you?

Viewing archives and analysing samples

There is much more to my work than just selecting or reproducing fabrics I find in archives and samples. As a matter of fact, I create actual collections of fabrics for the companies I work with.

Furthermore, I also avail my fabrics archives and, if required, I create moodboards to define colour trends.

All-around support

Thanks to a closely-knit network of suppliers and production partners I have built over the years, I am in a position to help you create projects that would be difficult to develop in-house, given that they require a not always readily available high level of specialisation.


Textile CAD

I use a textile CAD system that allows me to simulate and print the fabrics that I design. This allows you to choose graphics and colour ranges even before producing them, hence cutting production times and investments for the end customer.


Technical/design advice


I offer advisory services for creating exclusive articles (drawing up detailed technical data sheets for the creating samples), identifying ideal partners depending on the targets identified, agreed prices, the quality level chosen and the established minimum production standards.

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About me

I am Nino De Lorenzo and for over 20 years I have been designing fabrics overseeing all stages of production. Being a staunch believer in innovation and as a specialised textile industry innovative product technician I am in a position to address fashion matters with supreme expertise and tackle technical issues with a tailor’s approach.

My experience and talent as a Textile Designer allow me to work hand in hand with producers of fabric (man-woman) for the clothing industry, furniture industry and fashion houses in need of staff technically adequate to develop specific projects.

I am a member of the Trend Board